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Guidelines to Joining FOCFI


It is the hope and desire of the Fellowship that each of its churches are actively engaging other Pastors as well as five-fold ministry leaders with whom they are in covenant about the vision of FOCFI.


We encourage each pastor to contact those pastors and leaders within the sphere of their influence their cities and even beyond to at least share with them your connection to FOCFI and commitment to its covenant churches.


In order to maximize FOCFI presence and effectiveness in communicating and casting the vision of FOCFI in your city as a host pastor or host pastors, we ask that you ask and assemble at least five (5) pastors of established, functioning and operating churches of which they are the Sr. Pastor.


Once the host pastor/pastors have submitted their request to host a FOCFI vision casting meeting and have secured at least five (5) Sr. Pastors who have committed to be in attendance, that host pastor will notify the FOCFI corporate office and we will schedule a date that those committed pastors will be invited to join our Presiding Bishop on a special introductory Skype conference call to be held at the host pastors church.  The host pastor will also receive a Registration Kit in the mail, which will include information on how to prepare for the Skype conference call.


All Pastors interested in joining FOCFI, must complete a registration form or register online at

Once conference call is complete we will forward you the FOCFI vision casting meeting Press and Preparation Kit which will include but not limited to: 


Push Card/Fliers
Official press release 
FOCFI logo 
Pre- recorded radio spots
Pre- recorded television/ social media commercials


Host church will also receive a Ryder outlining the details and specifics of their responsibility as it relates to what the fellowship expects them to provide for the success of FOCFI meeting.


Bishop RC Blakes, Jr.
Bishop Samuel R. Blakes
Bishop Keith Clark



Print Application (download file) and submit via email:; Submit membership registration below.

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